5 Ways Shamanic Counseling Can Help You Heal

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If you have never heard about shamanic counseling, you wouldn’t be alone. After all, when most people think about therapy, they picture it in the traditional way. You sit across from a therapist, talk about your issues, get some advice, and then the session ends. While traditional talk therapy is extremely beneficial, sometimes, it isn’t completely effective.

This is when other therapy methods, such as shamanic counseling, can step in. Shamanic counseling is a transformative approach to therapy that goes beyond the surface level of talking through issues.

What Is Shamanism Counseling?

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices known to man. It involves the practice of ancient healing and is a way of life for many people worldwide.

It combines the core principles that shamanism is founded on with modern psychotherapy practices. Combining spirituality with traditional psychotherapy allows someone to unlock their greatest potential and provides the most amount of healing. Moreover, it is a great discovery process to find oneself.

5 Ways Shamanic Counseling Can Help You Heal

Mental Health

It’s no surprise to hear, but many people throughout the world are suffering deeply. We are truly living in unprecedented times and because of these uncertainties, mental health issues are on the rise. One of the first ways that shamanic helps you heal is by getting to the very root causes of what is causing someone to suffer from issues such as anxiety or depression.

Shamanic counseling involves the practice of interacting directly with the spirit to provide the most amount of healing. Often, our souls and the very essence of who we are suffer deeply, but we are so bogged down by the world that we can never work on healing this inner part of ourselves. Working with a Shamanic counselor can help you dust the debris off and let the truest and most inner form of you shine through.

Photo Of Stained Glass In A Swirl Pattern2. Spiritual Healing

The very core principles of Shamanism depend on the soul and spirit. Maybe you have suffered great losses in your life and are struggling to pick up the pieces with a loved one who is no longer here. You may feel defeated and worn down by the tribulations of this world and the challenges that come with being a human.

All of this and more can make the soul weary over time. Shamanism helps to heal the innermost broken pieces of us by unlocking the spiritual side of you that may have been lost over time.

3. Increases Self-Awareness

Let’s face it, most of us don’t know who we truly are. The rest of the world tries to give us ideas by setting standards and expectations of what they think we should be. We often don’t have a clear understanding of our needs and feelings. This is primarily due to trying to conform to what the world wants us to be, not what our own souls want.

Shamanic counseling helps you remove the cover of these external factors and allows you to become more aware of yourself.

4. Access to the Spiritual World

If you want to become more spiritual and connect with the universe on a deeper level, Shamanic counseling can help you with this, too. A Shamanic counselor helps you by unlocking your access to spirit guides and the higher realms of consciousness. In this manner, should you want to, you can begin to receive guidance and wisdom from the spirit guides walking with you and supporting you on your journey.

5. Personal Growth

Many of us are just trying to get through the day or week. Trying just to make it through this thing or that thing. It doesn’t leave much room for personal growth when you are only staying afloat.

Maybe you feel directionless lately, as if you are just doing the bare minimum and not much else. Alternatively, you might feel stuck in old maladaptive patterns you don’t understand how to break.

Shamanic counseling is truly one of the most holistic methods that exist to help someone heal their mind, body, and soul.

Reach out to us to learn more about depth hypnosis and shamanic healing.

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