Tara Rullo

Tara Shani Rullo, LCSW is the founder of Middle Way Healing and a psychotherapist with over 19 years in the field. She believes that every person has the ability to heal, grow, and experience wellness and joy.

Her psychotherapy approach is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and incorporates a blend of mindfulness, practical skills, and cognitive restructuring. Tara is also registered Kundalini yoga teacher and offers yoga-informed psychotherapy which can include work with the breath, body awareness, and some movement.

For couples work, Tara employs Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which encourages couples to build from existing relationship strengths and learn practical communication tools to successfully process disputes and unresolved issues. This highly effective technique can help couples move towards closeness and fulfillment.

Tara employs practices which bring forth a deeper connection to intuition and the wisdom of the body such as Focusing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Mindfulness Meditation. She also offers treatment through EMDR for those seeking relief from past unresolved trauma.

The goals of her practice are to help you:

• Deepen self-awareness and self-knowing
• Increase connection with yourself and others
• Heal from painful experiences and memories
• Live a more integrated and satisfying life

Contact: tara@middlewayhealing.com