Matthew Word

Matthew Word, CHT is a Hypnotherapist in the Depth Hypnosis Model with a focus on Shamanic Counseling. His work is also informed by Buddhist psychology.

He believes that integrating the wisdom of ancient practices can help us deepen and expand our healing process. His counseling approach is compassionate, collaborative and interactive.

Once you have established a therapeutic goal, Matthew will lead you on a guided meditation process to help you connect with a source of inner guidance in order to deepen your connection to your own authenticity and wisdom.

Sessions may include Shamanic Counseling practices such as drumming or rattling to achieve an altered state and seeking insight through explorations in non-ordinary reality.

The goals of his practice are to help you:

• Identify and change negative patterns
• Enhance your ability to receive guidance from within
• Resolve internal conflicts
• Identify and release unwanted negative energy, which may be interfering with your wellbeing
• Find lasting joy and happiness