Matthew Word


Matthew Word, LMSW, CHT, is a highly skilled and compassionate psychotherapist specializing in working with adults, teens, and couples. With a unique blend of trauma-based psychotherapy, Depth Hypnosis, and Shamanic Counseling, Matthew offers a comprehensive approach to mental health and well-being. His practice is deeply rooted in understanding and nurturing each client’s unique journey, ensuring that the therapeutic process is guided by their interests and needs.

In his practice, Matthew combines his extensive wisdom, experience, and training to collaborate effectively with clients in achieving their personal goals. He honors every client’s autonomy, individuality, and humanity, creating a safe and respectful therapeutic environment.

Matthew is proficient in various therapeutic techniques, including Depth Hypnosis, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and the Gottman Method. His training in the Gottman Method, renowned for its effectiveness in couples therapy, enhances his ability to support relationships and improve communication and intimacy among couples.

His therapeutic approach is particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors, as well as those seeking support in emotional regulation. Matthew’s expertise in EMDR enables him to help clients reprocess difficult experiences and trauma, fostering healing and personal growth.

At Middle Way Healing, Matthew’s overarching goal is to assist people in finding joy, personal growth and stability. He is dedicated to helping his clients reprocess challenging experiences, achieve a sense of well-being, and ultimately become their best selves.