What Is Shamanic Counseling?

Shamanic Counseling is a holistic practice that focuses on restoring balance and harmony within each of us, often addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual elements. As a form of spiritual healing rooted in ancient traditions, the shamanic journey is a trance-like state induced by rhythmic drumming or other methods.

What Is Depth Hypnosis?

Depth Hypnosis is a therapeutic modality that combines elements of hypnotherapy, shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. This approach facilitates a dialogue with the subconscious mind, uncovering underlying causes of distress. In Depth Hypnosis, there is an emphasis on empowering individuals to discover their own inner wisdom and healing capabilities. 

When used in the therapeutic space, both Shamanic Counseling and Depth Hypnosis can foster meaningful reflection and insight on a deep level. By guiding clients into a deep state of relaxation and altered consciousness, these methods open the door to exploring and addressing the subconscious roots of various issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional distress, and addictive behaviors. 

The Shamanic Journey

A core component of Shamanic Counseling is the shamanic journey, during which a trained, experienced practitioner guides the client into a trance-like state using rhythmic techniques. In this altered state, the client can access deeper layers of the psyche and spiritual world. 

During this journey, clients may encounter various spiritual entities like animal guides, ancestors, and other spirits who can offer additional healing and insight. Following the journey, the practitioner will guide the client in interpreting and integrating their experience into their daily lives. 

Similarly, Depth Hypnosis may be used to access the psyche’s inner wisdom. Guided meditation techniques are used to gently lead clients to a place within where they feel most connected to their truest selves. From this expansive place—out of view of the often judgmental conscious mind—these methods can be utilized to safely and effectively explore presenting issues. In the hypnosis state, clients are fully alert, aware, and able to participate in and remember the entire process.

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How Can Shamanic Counseling And Depth Hypnosis Help Where Other Therapies Fall Short?

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy and therapy approaches that attempt to create behavioral changes at the surface level, Shamanic Counseling and Depth Hypnosis empower clients on their own healing journeys with ongoing support and guidance from experienced, compassionate practitioners. Ultimately, these approaches move the healing process from the mind to the body, allowing individuals to experience and understand emotions that may be too difficult to express with words. 

At Middle Way Healing, we believe that these contemplative, body-based practices are powerful tools to help clients safely access their deepest, most genuine selves. When used in tandem, Shamanic Counseling and Depth Hypnosis allow the people we work with to directly contact and heal their wounds in ways that traditional talk therapy often can’t access alone. 

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At Middle Way Healing, We Provide A Holistic, Comprehensive Approach To Mental Health And Wellbeing

As a somatic, spiritually informed practice, we are invested in reducing our clients’ emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering. We are trained in both psychodynamic therapy and other holistic counseling methods that honor the mind-body connection. Alongside Depth Hypnosis and the shamanic journey, we may incorporate elements of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork as needed in counseling. 

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom And Resources

A combination of Shamanic Counseling and Depth Hypnosis can help you understand on a profound level what is making you uncomfortable or unhappy so that you can learn to release it once and for all. To schedule a brief consultation with Matthew Word to learn more, contact us.

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