Alice Pencavel

Alice Pencavel


Alice Pencavel, LMSW, is grounded in the belief that we have the intrinsic capacity to heal. She is committed to supporting the development of compassion, wakefulness, and ease, as a response to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and unresolved trauma.

As a trained yoga teacher and practicing Zen Buddhist, she views physical/spiritual health, mindfulness practice, and engagement with philosophical inquiry to be the pillars for emotional well-being. With a robust background as a playwright, she draws on her writing practice and the innate creativity of her clients as guides along the healing journey.

Trained in EMDR and TF-CBT, Alice’s approach to therapy is collaborative, trauma-informed, and creative. She is also a certified End of Life Doula, with experience working in hospitals as a Spiritual Care provider, assisting patients and their loved ones through grief, crises, and transition. She finds nurturing a connection to nature to be a tremendous resource for healing. As a queer person, Alice understands the necessity of cultivating brave, inclusive spaces, and believes dismantling oppressive frameworks is integral to the intimate task of personal growth.