Relationship Intelligence Groups

RQ, also known as Relationship Intelligence or Relationship Quotient, is one’s ability to navigate and manage relationships effectively. It encompasses various interpersonal skills, including empathy, communication, conflict resolution, trust-building, and adaptability. RQ measures how well a person can understand and connect with others, maintain healthy boundaries, and foster positive and fulfilling relationships.

RQ is the understanding that in a relationship, there isn’t just “me” and “you”, there is also an “us” that needs attention, care and understanding.

What will I learn in a Relationship Intelligence Group?

In this 8 week group you will learn key concepts and skills that couples therapists share with their clients:
• Research on what makes relationships thrive or fail
• Proven skills to increase understanding, connection and intimacy in relationships
• Effective tools for resolving conflict and overcoming resentment
• What you can do to improve your relationship even if your partner won’t attend couples therapy or individual therapy

Note: Groups will be forming in September 2023. Contact us for additional information.