Clinical Supervision

Tara Rullo offers clinical supervision including supervision for LMSW therapists seeking clinical hours towards an LCSW. Clinical supervision is a co-created relationship where therapists can deepen clinical and professional skills in a safe, supportive and exploratory space. Tara has been supervising fully licensed therapists, limited permit therapists, and masters level therapy students for over 15 years and draws from her extensive experience working with individuals and couples.

Somatic Therapy Supervision

Tara is now offering group and individual supervision focusing on somatic interventions for those therapists looking to newly incorporate or strengthen their use of somatic therapy techniques. Healing from trauma results from learning to feel safe in one’s own body. Somatic therapy acknowledges that our past and current experiences are felt in our bodies, and that this felt-sense is often suppressed or ignored for fear of being overwhelmed or consumed especially when there is a history of trauma.

Supervision will include experiential somatic practices that support a more positive relationship with one’s bodily expressions. The content will draw from Tara’s experience and training in a number of modalities including Focusing-oriented psychotherapy (developed by Eugene Gendlin); EMDR; Trauma-informed Kundalini Yoga; somatic meditation; Reiki; and EFT (tapping).

Sample topics that will be covered include:

• Developing somatic awareness and tolerance
• Becoming a safe observer of one’s own bodily experience
• Emotional regulation using somatic awareness
• Emotional regulation using breath and movement
• Grounding and resourcing techniques for stabilization
• Developing self-compassion with hands-on healing (on oneself)
• Using Focusing to be-with or witness difficult emotional/bodily states
• Releasing emotion through breath and movement