What can you do to Improve your Relationship?

Improve Your Relationship

What can you do to Improve your Relationship?

By Tara Rullo, LCSW

Join a Relationship Intelligence Group!

What is Relationship Intelligence (RQ)?

We all have a level of intellect, logical reasoning and comprehension which we call IQ. More people are developing an understanding of the importance of EQ – emotional intelligence – which is the ability to understand and communicate about our own feelings as well as the feelings of others. But are you aware of a third level of awareness – RQ – relationship intelligence?

RQ, also known as Relationship Intelligence or Relationship Quotient, is one’s ability to navigate and manage relationships effectively. It encompasses various interpersonal skills, including empathy, communication, conflict resolution, trust-building, and adaptability. RQ measures how well a person can understand and connect with others, maintain healthy boundaries, and foster positive and fulfilling relationships.

RQ is the understanding that in a relationship, there isn’t just “me” and “you”, there is also an “us” that needs attention, care and understanding.

What will I learn in a Relationship Intelligence Group?

In this 8 week group you will learn key concepts and skills that couples therapists share with their clients:

• Research on what makes relationships thrive or fail
• Proven skills to increase understanding, connection and intimacy in relationships
• Effective tools for resolving conflict and overcoming resentment
• What you can do to improve your relationship even if your partner won’t attend couples therapy or individual therapy

Get support, connect with others and build community in an RQ Group!

What better way to learn and grow your relationship intelligence than in a group setting where you can develop relationships and learn about yourself in the process. Some benefits of group therapy include:

• Group therapy encourages self-reflection and introspection.
• Through interactions with others, individuals gain insights into their own patterns, beliefs, and emotions.
• Participants in group therapy develop greater empathy and compassion for others as they witness the experiences and vulnerabilities of fellow group members.
• Group therapy provides a supportive and empathetic environment where individuals can share their thoughts, feelings, and struggles with others who may have similar experiences.

Who will benefit from learning about Relationship Intelligence?

Anyone is welcome to join our groups! That includes:

• Anyone currently in a committed relationship
• Anyone struggling to understand where their last relationship went wrong
• Anyone at the beginning phase of a relationship, hoping to create a healthy lasting bond
• Anyone seeking to learn more about how to have healthy, satisfying relationships

If you are ready to increase your RQ to find deep and meaningful connections and relationship satisfaction, contact us to sign-up.