Child Therapy with SMART

Our approach to child therapy is a somatic therapy method called SMART. SMART stands for Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment. SMART child therapy is an innovative mental health treatment for children and adolescents to help them with emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal regulation

SMART utilizes an array of therapeutic equipment, such as weighted blankets, balance beams, fitness balls, and large cushions, in shared play to support children’s natural ways of regulating their bodies and their emotions to facilitate attachment-building, and to allow for embodied processing of their experiences.

SMART does not rely on language and awareness as an entry point. A coherent narrative and cognitive understanding emerges as a result of fully embodied play engaging the sensory, motor, limbic, and arousal systems for self-exploration for this reason it is great for young kids and for adolescents who have difficulty putting words to their emotions or experiences.

SMART may be a good fit for:
Kids with emotional regulation issues or tantrums at home or school.
Kids who’s families are experiencing situational stress such as divorce or parental mental health or addiction issues.
Kids who have suffered complex trauma.
Kids suffering with anxiety or depression.