Middle Way Healing Practitioners

Our practitioners integrate the concept of “The Middle Way” into services that honor the power of the intellectual mind — yet simultaneously awaken ways of knowing that go beyond intellect and information to help you enhance your healing process, peace of mind, and enjoyment of life.

Meet our Therapists

Tara Rullo

Tara Rullo, LCSW is the founder of Middle Way Healing and a psychotherapist with over 19 years in the field. She believes that every person has the ability to heal, grow, and experience wellness and joy.


Matthew Word

Matthew Word, CHT is a Hypnotherapist in the Depth Hypnosis Model with a focus on Shamanic Counseling. His work is also informed by Buddhist psychology. He believes that integrating the wisdom of ancient practices can help us deepen and expand our healing process. His counseling approach is compassionate, collaborative and interactive.


Eve Udesky

Eve Udesky, LMSW, is a psychotherapist focused on work with adults and older adults. She is a people champion and enjoys helping people find their way through difficult times and make impactful changes in their lives. Eve believes that each individual can develop a kind and compassionate relationship with themselves, and she enjoys being a part of that process.